Stainless spokes WWS 4,4->3,9mm 10-100deg. COLOR

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Manufacturer: MaxEV & WWS

Technical data:
w.z. - value according to the order

  • Thread

    M4,5/0,75 mm

  • Spoke length


  • Bend length


  • Wire thickness


  • Bend angle


  • Spoke surface



Production 2-3 weeks + delivery time

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Price: 2,67 €


Cut to proper size, stainless steel spokes made by WWS with a wire thickness of 4,4->3,9mm

Powder coating provides a highly durable and aesthetic scratch-resistant coating.
The thickness of the paint increases the spoke diameter by approx. 0.2 mm
The thread is rolled after painting the spokes.

The thread of spokes is rolled on a special rolling mill to provide maximum tensile strength.

Spoke length / Bend / Bend angle are made to order.
We can make spokes with lengths from 80 mm to 230 mm.

The price is for 1 pcs stainless steel spoke

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