Spokes length calculator

Choosing the right spokes is important for safety, cycling comfort and performance. The right spoke length will contribute to failure-free cycling, so we prepared a calculator that will help you choose the right spoke length for your wheels.

To see a hint on how to measure, you need to click on the parameter name.

What determines the spoke length and what is the risk of improper choice

The most important spoke parameter is its length, which depends primarily on the wheel size. Its selection should also depend on the type of rim and hub and the lacing pattern (e.g. crosses or radial).

Choosing spokes that are too short and using longer nipples may result in the nipples breaking after only a short mileage. On the other hand, using a spoke that is too long has a negative impact on the spoke's tension strength. Incorrect choice of spoke length means that the wheel must be unlaced and laced again on new spokes of the correct length. Mistakes do happen, but tools like our calculator, which is used to calculate the length of the spokes, help to avoid them.

How is our spoke calculator different from others?

Online, there are many calculators available that more or less easily calculate the length of the spoke which will perfectly match the diameter of the rim, the hub flange and of course the number of holes in the rim.

A distinctive feature of our configurator is the fact that the calculator is not only used to calculate the spoke length. After calculating the length of the spokes, the calculator will show how the complete wheel will look. In addition, the calculator is clear and intuitive, allowing even amateurs to use it. Our tool is integrated with a database of photographs which show step-by-step how to measure individual parameters of the hub and rim. Just click on the desired parameter and a window with a hint will show.

How to count optimal spoke lengths and how does the spoke length calculator work?

Using parameters such as rim diameter, hub flange diameter and flange distance from the center of the hub, the calculator, after determining the number of spokes, will be able to precisely calculate the wheel-specific spoke length. In creating it, we tried to take into account a number of factors that we missed in the spoke calculators that were available online and our own experience gained in calculating the length of spokes and lacing of wheels.

We encourage you to use our proprietary tool and send us comments on how the calculator works!